Mineral certification and due diligence

Implementing transparency initiatives in the small-scale mining sector, CTC and Fair Trade

Projekt-Consult also focuses on providing policy advice to governments and companies when, during product certification, they are establishing transparency in trade and fiscal regimes. Projekt-Consult supports its efforts towards best practices in

  • traceability and transparency,
  • security,
  • community development,
  • environmental practices, and
  • labor and working conditions.

Project-Consult also contribute to the discussion on indicators for fair trade in small-scale mining.

Due to the price increase of gold over the past years, artisanal as well as small and medium-scale mining activities have expanded in many developing countries. This "gold rush" has resulted in a wide range of environmental, social, and economic problems. Meanwhile, around the world, consumers of gold products increasingly request more documented evidence of compliance with ethical and legal production standards and traceability throughout the production chain.


Better Gold Initiative

Since 2013, Projekt-Consult has been implementing the Better Gold Initiative (BGI) for the Swiss Economic Development Cooperation (SECO). BGI is an integrated supply-chain project with the aim of supporting artisanal and small-scale miners to meet standards that allow them to ensure the sale of their production at a fair price to buyers who honor compliance of environmental, social, and working standards (>> Project summary).

Thus, the objective is for artisanal, small and medium scale mining to become a motor for better livelihoods and sustainable development. This initiative is promoted through a private-public-partnership between the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs - SECO and the Swiss Better Gold Association (SBGA), a non-profit organization with various industry stakeholders from the Swiss gold value chain. Peru is the first country where this program has been carried out.