Our services

Projekt-Consult has more than 30 years of experience of implementing projects and studies with all kind of stakeholders involved in the extractive sector, such as private, public and civil sector institutions.

In the private sector the company focuses on producers, mineral traders, as well as financing agents and mining equipment suppliers. Partners from the civil sector include foundations, associations, umbrella organizations, and representatives from mining communities. Projekt-Consult´s partners in the public sector are often mining and geology departments, environmental agencies, and local and regional governments and administrations.

The extensive experience in backstopping, project management, and project implementation allows staff members to carry out a broad spectrum of special tasks and develop tailor-made solutions for clients’ demands.

Our services encompass technical solutions, capacity building and strategic advice on issues such as artisanal mining, mineral sector promotion, or environmental and social dimensions of resource extraction. The wide range of implementation experience can be divided into the following areas: