Promotion of artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) including formalization

ASM assessment: Baseline studies on the technical, social, legal, organizational, and environmental conditions as well as relevant institutional and policy frameworks are the basis for Projekt-Consult´s involvement in implementing projects to support and promote ASM.  These include assessing training needs and identifying options for capacity development.

It is Projekt-Consult´s opinion that small and medium-scale mining activities can only be promoted effectively if the development concept recognizes and solves the diverse and unique problems encountered in this subsector. This involves addressing various aspects of technology, business organization, personnel, financing, marketing, and law. Thus, pilot projects are designed and implemented using an integrated approach.

Social support measures and organization of miners: Promoting artisanal and small-scale mining as a motor of rural development includes aspects such as

  • eliminating child labor,
  • generating additional income opportunities within and outside the mining sector, mitigating and mediating conflicts, and
  • fostering a gender sensitive approach towards sustainable community development.

Establishing adequate and efficient productivity and umbrella organizations  have proven important  elements for project success and sustainable solutions (Bolivia, Ecuador, Madagascar, Mongolia, Peru, Senegal, Tanzania, etc.).

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