Resource governance

Developing an adequate legal framework: Long-term and sustainable development of a formal artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) sector are only possible if a fair legal framework is provided. Access to mining titles, information and governmental services, as well as good governance are key issues in the projects (Bolivia, Ecuador, Madagascar, Mongolia, Peru, Senegal, and Tanzania).

Disseminating and communicating the current legal and regulatory framework within the ASM sector: Artisanal miners are often unaware of their rights and obligations under existing legal and regulatory frameworks. Disseminating and communicating such information to the ASM sector has been an important part of ASM support projects in, for example, Madagascar, Bolivia, and Peru.

Resource governance and support of responsible mineral extraction: Projekt-Consult supports governments, donor agencies, and the private sector in strategically outlining programs and measures to establish best practices in traceability, accountability, social standards, labor conditions, occupational health and safety, and environmental and community relations. We support companies in complying with national and international legal, moral, and ethical standards. This includes audits and support during certification processes (Central Asia, DRC, Liberia, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone).

Support and strengthening of mining sector institutions:
In all projects Projekt-Consult work closely with agencies such as ministries, regional development offices, mining and environmental authorities, as well as nongovernmental organizations. The expertise and organizational ability of these agencies, and their assumption of regulatory powers, are improved so they can independently supervise and carry out future programs. A key focus is establishing and supporting decentralized structures (Madagascar, Mongolia, Nigeria, Peru, PNG, Tanzania, etc.).

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