Responsible mineral extraction

Environmental best practices: Finding ways to make environmental protection financially affordable for small-scale mining operations is the goal of many of Projekt-Consult´s projects. The company seeks solutions by introducing environmentally favorable technology through training and education of workers, increased work-safety measures, semi-mechanization of operations leading to higher productivity, and assistance in legalizing mines. These measures contribute to reducing environmental impact in small-scale mining. One key focus is mercury and cyanide problems.

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Occupational safety and health: Translating modern OSH standards into practically applicable standards for the artisanal and small-scale mining sector is a key competence. This has been demonstrated in internationally recognized publications and training materials on OSH in organizing safety and health in and around mines and includes issues such as: personal protective equipment and first aid, safe mine design and mining methods, open cast, sub-surface atmosphere and ventilation, and safe handling of explosives and blasting operations (projects in Bolivia, Madagascar, Mongolia, Peru and Senegal).

Information and sensitization campaigns for responsible mining:
Campaigns to inform and sensitize artisanal miners on responsible mining principles are an integral part of our ASM-related projects (e.g. Bolivia, Madagascar, Peru, Senegal, Tanzania). These may be carried out as separate campaigns, as part of training programs for artisanal miners, or as part of a project’s greater communication strategy.

Development of communication and coordination structures for mining stakeholders: As part of the Mwadui Community Diamond Partnership Project, structures for effective communication and coordination among different mining stakeholders, such as the mining company, local communities, the mining administration etc. have been designed. Good relations and effective communication between the private sector, artisanal miners, and the mining administration have also been part of the ASM support project in Senegal.