Sustainable resource policies

In addition to the management and implementation of technical assistance projects, experts of Projekt-Consult have also been working as strategic advisors for public and private institutions in a wide range of topics to promote sustainable resource policies. Examples of our advisory work include:

I. Support for the Umweltbundesamt (UBA) in amplifying the German criticality system for  mineral resources.  Projekt-Consult is participating in developing an environmental dimension to the criticality system and a method to establish ecological availability of resources.

II. Experts of Projekt-Consult have participated in the OECD working group to draft the Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict Affected and High-Risk Areas.

III. Within the Diamond Development Initiative – a spin-off of the Kimberley Process - Projekt-Consult,  based on an analysis of experiences from six countries, developed guidance notes for projects to mechanize the alluvial artisanal and small-scale diamond mining as a tool for formalization of the sector.

IV. De Beers requested Projekt-Consult to develop a pilot project in Tanzania to reduce poverty and accelerate sustainable socioeconomic development in diamond mining communities (Mwadui Community Diamond Partnership Project).

V. The German Embassy in Port of Spain committed a study on the integration of the mining sector into the Guyana Low Carbon Development Strategy.

VI. The Interamerican Development Bank based the new focus on mining on a regional strategy study on “cleaner technologies in mining - the role of the public sector”, developed by Projekt-Consult.