Training & qualification

Beneficiation and downstream processing of minerals

In finding solutions for projects involving preparation and secondary processing of raw materials, Projekt-Consult focuses on proven, often historical or region-specific methods. These methods are further developed through integrating modern components. The resulting solutions are specifically adapted to the needs of developing countries because they offer a combination of economic advantages, environmentally acceptable production methods, and reasonable energy demands.

Additionally, such solutions are more labor intensive and less capital intensive, two qualities that favorably address the needs of developing countries. Projekt-Consult  developed typical solutions in the following ASM sectors:

  • gold (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Peru, PNG, Senegal)
  • silver (Bolivia)
  • other metals (Bolivia, Rwanda)
  • colored gemstones (Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Zambia)
  • diamonds (Tanzania)
  • salt (Bolivia, Ghana)
  • industrial minerals (Bolivia, Nigeria)
  • coal (Afghanistan, Colombia, and Philippines).

Establishing an encouraging business environment

Providing fair marketing conditions, straight forward business registration and administration, and access to financial and governmental extension services are key elements for promoting and supporting private sector activities in small scale mining.

Capacity building through formal and non-formal qualification

A key focus of Projekt-Consult is to provide training in mining best practices for artisanal and small-scale miners, and trainers and staff from national, regional, and local authorities. Services include 

  • developing curricula and teaching materials,
  • establishing training facilities,
  • implementing workshops and seminars, and
  • developing concepts and feasibility studies for mining schools.

Activities are currently ongoing in Afghanistan (support of the Afghan Geological Survey). 

Developing teaching materials, training trainers and artisanal miners

Developing teaching materials and training trainers who serve as multipliers in communicating and educating artisanal miners on responsible mining principles was one component of the ASM support project in Madagascar.

Another example is the EU Mining Sector Support Programme (MSSP) in Papa New Guinea where our experts developed teaching materials for training artisanal miners who act as multipliers in their communities.  


Projekt-Consult has helped establish GIS systems and databases (i.e. PNG for non-metallic commodities) for use in international cooperation efforts. These included online project management for the GAMA project in Peru using the subproject monitor, a tool to allow for fully transparent online project management by a variety of different supervising and advising agents. For purposes of communication, information, and capacity development, working with the local telecommunication company, the same project established in different ASM mining centres “telecentros”  to facilitate access to the internet and special knowledge programs. This was complemented by the geco-platform, a knowledge management and communication platform for the Latin American ASM sector.


Furthermore, Projekt-Consult has developed and provided a large number of training materials for artisanal mining activities.


The booklet Safety and Health in Small-Scale Surface Mines was developed in the Madagascar project and, meanwhile, has been published by ILO in twelve languages. For Madagascar this booklet was only one in a series of twelve booklets covering legal, technical, organizational, managerial, and geological issues. These were all published in French and Malagasy. In Mongolia four modules on safety and health in underground mines were developed and published in English and Mongolian. Guides on mediating conflicts, procuring ownership of artisanal mines without mining titles, and several technical subjects, e.g. appropriate use of small-scale mining equipment including retorts, were published in Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru.

Additionally, Projekt-Consult maintains a database with more than 2400 training materials dedicated to the ASM sector (worldwide coverage, in English, Spanish and French).

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