International Consultancy to develop a capacity development programme for civil society organizations

GIZ, 2019 - 2022

The GIZ project Resource Governance West Africa, Liberia, has been working with the Government of Liberia, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and the private sector since 2009 to improve the contributions of mining to support better outcomes for Liberians. A component of the program has been assisting CSOs to develop and implement community-based monitoring (CBM) programs with communities in mining affected areas.

GIZ contracted Projekt-Consult to develop a capacity development program for CSOs in the Liberian mining sector, support these organizations in designing a collaborative governance framework to support mining-affected communities through community-based monitoring (CBM), and global-local advocacy campaigning.

Main activities of the project include:

  • Overview assessment of CSOs active in the Liberian mining sector
  • Development and implementation of a training course for CSOs on community-based monitoring (CBM) and advocacy
  • Co-development, with CSOs, of a Liberian CBM toolkit
  • Facilitation of the elaboration of a common governance framework for Liberian CSOs
  • Multi-stakeholder training workshop for Liberian civil society, public and private sectors on transparency initiatives in the mining sector and potential benefits for Liberia

Baseline and impact assessments of mining-affected communities’ satisfaction with support through CSOs.


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