International resource policies
Environmental Criticality of Raw Materials - LINK TO ARTICLE
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Responsible sourcing
Remote audits and assessments - Experiences from the forestry and mining sectors - 2021 DOWNLOAD
Weiterentwicklung von Handlungsoptionen einer ökologischen Rohstoffpolitik - ÖkoRess II - LINK TO ARTICLE
Successful implementation of conflict mineral certification and due diligence schemes and the European Union’s role: Lessons learned for responsible mineral supply - 2018 DOWNLOAD
Responsible mineral extraction
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Mineral grades: An important indicator for environmental impactof mineral exploitation - 2019 LINK TO ARTICLE
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Action Against Child Labour in Small-Scale Mining & Quarrying: A thematic evaluation - 2003 DOWNLOAD
Artisanal and small-scale mining
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Training and qualification
Guía práctica. Lavado de activos. - Oficial de cumplimiento - 2018 DOWNLOAD