About us

Founded in 1979, Projekt-Consult has gained a unique experience in consulting for responsible mining and sourcing of minerals. We have in-depth knowledge of the upstream extractives supply chain, focusing on people and countries involved in mining.

In our projects and studies, we work with stakeholders in government, in the private sector, with NGOs and citizens’ groups on the strategic and technical implementation of responsible mineral supply chains. This includes advice on mineral governance, policies, due diligence approaches, minerals risk assessments, technical solutions and capacity building.

Among our clients are leading development agencies, ministries, and public clients, such as the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), German International Cooperation (GIZ), or bilateral and multilateral donor institutions, such as the World Bank, Swiss SDC and SECO, DFID, United Nations, European Commission, and regional development banks.


To create development opportunities by making mining a responsible venture.


We are committed to promote responsible mining and mineral sourcing by developing innovative solutions in collaboration with our partners and clients. Our work caters to the market demands, while considering economic, environmental, social and governance conditions.

GFA Group

In 2014 Projekt-Consult became a member of GFA Group – one of the leading European consulting companies for implementing development cooperation programs. Through GFA Group, we can rely on in-house expertise, implementation structures and networks of more than 1,500 technical staff with project offices in more than 100 countries. This puts us in an ideal position to provide integrated solutions for our clients worldwide by combining responsible mining and sourcing with other aspects of the agenda for sustainable development. Moreover, Projekt-Consult has adopted the quality management processes and high compliance standards of GFA – proven through an externally audited ISO 9001 certification and the award of the Hamburg Compliance Certificate. For more information about GFA Group click here.

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