Methods for Assessment of planetGOLD Programme Outcomes

Global Environment Fund (GEF) via the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), 2022 - 2023

In the framework of the GEF funded planetGOLD global programme, aiming at reducing and progressively eliminating mercury pollution from the ASGM sector, Projekt-Consult conducts an analysis of the project results data of each planetGOLD country project, in order to propose common methods for the calculation of the programme’s four key cross-programmatic indicators (i.e. amount of mercury reduced/avoided, miners supported in their formalization process, responsible ASM gold production and money made available to ASGM through financial mechanisms).

In addition, Projekt-Consult will recommend feasible and cost-effective common protocols to document the technology transfer and financial access models tested by the planetGOLD country projects and identify factors affecting successes, barriers or failures of implementation of these models, recommending also a strategy for disseminating and incentivizing their uptake, both for existing and future projects under the planetGOLD programme.


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