• Responsible Sourcing

Where do the products we buy and use come from? And how were they made? These simple yet important questions, are increasingly moving into the focus of a broad public.


Our Approach

Since 1979 Projekt-Consult has carried out projects in more than 50 countries in cooperation with multiple partners from the mining sector. Through this experience, Projekt-Consult was involved in the development of the first certifications for gold from small mining in 2000, and has carried out a variety of projects over the last 20 years to analyze and build supply chains from responsible mining. We advise companies, governments, and donor organizations on issues such as traceability and transparency, freedom from conflict, compliance with human rights, and minimum ecological or social standards in mining, as well as on shortening supply chains and building innovative supply chain solutions.

Our Services

From mine to market

On behalf of the Swiss government, Projekt-Consult is entrusted with one of the world's largest and most ambitious approaches to responsible sourcing from small mining: the Better Gold Initiative for ASM (BGI). This public-private partnership combines the expertise and networks of Projekt-Consult along the entire supply chain - from banks, watch, and jewelry manufacturers in the gold industry, to the world's largest gold refineries, to small and medium-sized mining companies in the developing and emerging countries. Experts from Projekt-Consult were involved in the development of BGI and have accompanied its implementation and expansion since 2013.

Developing and complying with standards

Projekt-Consult has been involved in the development of various standards and certifications for responsible mining practices; in particular, conflict minerals, such as OECD standards for due diligence. Other aspects of our work on responsible sourcing are audits and advice to mining companies in complying with existing standards under difficult conditions, such as the Eastern DRC.

Advising companies on improvements in their supply chain

Projekt-Consult works with companies that recognize and take responsibility for their supply chain, such as refineries, industrial users, and ethical investment managers. Many clients and organizations appreciate the experience of our experts, who are familiar with the conditions on the ground and are able to translate these insights into concrete guidelines for action.