• Training and Qualification

Lack of skills and short-sighted exploitation are causing a variety of technical, environmental, health, safety, and socio-political problems.

Our Approach

Capacity building, skills development, and knowledge transfer play an essential role in Projekt-Consult’s implementation concepts either as an activity for a specific target group or as a side event for partners, project stakeholders, or local staff. We believe that open access to information and knowledge sharing can translate the exploitation of non-renewable resources into human and social development in mining areas. Our holistic training approaches build on long-standing success in project implementation, and capitalize on a vast pool of experienced technical experts. Projekt-Consult’s ability to combine local training concepts with international mining expertise and long-lasting implementing experience is highly appreciated by clients all over the world. Our advanced trainings are not limited to environmental and social issues but comprise specific technical and mine management support - both for the public and private sector.

Our Services

Training contents and scope strongly depend on the individual level of the target groups’ entry skills. Therefore, Projekt-Consult designs its training services in a demand-oriented way and based on a thorough training needs assessment. Taking target groups’ heterogeneity in terms of social and educational backgrounds as well as time frames into consideration, we offer comprehensive concepts such as training on-the-job, classroom-based courses, on-site coaching, training of trainers, and staggered follow-up courses. Our training interventions comprise a scope of services that have been refined continuously and includes the following tailor-made deliverables:

  • Training needs assessment
  • Concepts development and feasibility studies
  • Curriculum development and teaching materials
  • Establishing training facilities
  • Implementing workshops and seminars
Mining and applied geosciences: Projekt-Consult’s training services address all levels of the mining sector in a holistic approach that converts mining into a professional, prosperous, and profitable business. The elements of Projekt-Consult’s skills development for mining and applied geoscience encompass technical as well as business and management skills:

  • Prospecting & exploration techniques
  • Mining & mine planning
  • Mineral processing techniques
  • Gold & other mineral commodities
  • Occupational safety & health
  • Environmental impact of mining
  • Social aspects of mining
  • Gender issues & child labour
  • Community relations
  • Conflict prevention and management
  • Mining in regional & local context
  • Mining legislation and standards
  • Formalization
  • Trade chain from mine to market
  • Due diligence & responsible mining and sourcing practice
  • Management of mining operations
  • Financial management & bookkeeping
  • Sustainable business planning
Target groups of our trainings, who shall be equipped with methodical as well as social competences, include miners, mine foremen, mine managers, mineral buyers, geological surveys, mine inspections, exporters, mine owners, cooperatives, and mining associations.
Tailor-made learning formats based on modern concepts of adult education: As a member of GFA Consulting Group, Projekt-Consult is using the C³ methodology for its training-of-trainer projects. C³, or Creation of Competence for Competition, is a training methodology which has been developed by GFA over the last 20 years, and is based on project experiences around the world. C³‘s training methodology stimulates active learning by encouraging the exchange of experience among participants (www.c3-training.de). It also aims at the direct application and transfer of newly acquired knowledge and skills to learners’ working environment. The  C³  Unit for  Better  Learning of  GFA  supports clients  in  the selection and  implementation  of different  learning  modesbest  suited  tolearners’  working  environments.All  formats  relyon  effective  didactical procedures for  instructional  design, material  development,  and learner  support. 


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