Strengthening local content and women employability in Mali

GIZ, 2017 - 2019

Projekt-Consult is working together with international and Malian researchers and policy advisors for analysing the economic, social and environmental situation in four mining sites in Kayes and Sikasso. A special focus is on information and data on suppliers, local sub-contractors and relations with ASM operations for understanding the economic linkages of the industry, dynamics of LSM - ASM cohabitation or conflict, and particularly the role of women. Therefore, an up-to-date database will be developed, which includes information on the goods and services offered, the origins of enterprises, the type of goods supplied. In a next step, policy recommendations and local content strategies will be elaborated to increase employability, especially of women and their professional positioning in the mining sector, local labour (particularly within mining companies), suppliers, and sub-contractors. The results of the analysis and the strategies are expected to feed into a draft law on local content, while contributing to improving the governance of the extractive sector in Mali.


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