Comparative study on migration and urbanization in the industrial mining sector of the DR Congo

DR Congo
GIZ, 2018 - 2019

The DR Congo is one of the most resource-rich countries in the world. However, the development of new industrial mining areas has led to an uncontrolled influx of Congolese from other parts of the country ("internal migration") in search of work and public or privately provided services. Thus settlements and cities emerge "out of nowhere" - largely without planning, adequate administrative structures or basic infrastructure (water, health, education). Together with international and Congolese researchers, Projekt-Consult is analyzing migration and urbanization in these rapidly growing mining areas. The comparative study is based on concrete examples in mining provinces in Haut-Katanga, Lualaba and Haut-Uele and aims to better understand the extent of the phenomenon, the motivations and expectations of the migrants and the distribution of responsibilities with regard to the provision of basic services between the companies and the state. Based on the analysis of the current situation and the conflict potentials, the expert team will formulate recommendations for action for GIZ in the DR Congo mining sector and in other fragile contexts.


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