Development of Ukraine's new Subsoil Code and support to the EU–Ukraine relationship in the area of Critical Raw Materials

European Union, 2019 - 2023

The overall objective of the project is to support the implementation of reforms in Ukraine’s subsoil use sector by harmonising and improving Ukraine’s subsoil legislation in line with the best practices of the EU Member States and where relevant in line with the EU acquis.

To this end, the current legislation is reviewed, recommendations for a new legal framework are developed and capacity building take place for the relevant institutions. Where necessary support to a restructuring of roles between various involved ministries and institutions will be provided and the adoption and consultation process of the new subsoil code in the parliament will be supported.

Projekt-Consult is leading a consortium in charge of setting main policy areas for the development of the subsoil use sector and for eventually developing a new subsoil code. In 2021 the project was extended in order to strengthen the EU-Ukraine relationship in the area of critical raw materials. The main outputs to be produced under this extended scope of works are:

  • An institutional and regulatory framework pertaining to the critical raw materials sector which is aligned with the EU acquis and EU best practices/ international standards and best practices for environmental, social, and good governance standards for the exploration, production, and sourcing of raw materials; and
  • An analysis of the main investment barriers/ perceived risks that EU investors face and recommendations as to how these can be best mitigated.


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