Support Programme to the Environmental Protection Agency for the control and environmental monitoring of mining operations in Liberia

GIZ, 2019 - 2019

The EPA experiences significant challenges in its capacity to carry out its missions related to the monitoring of mining projects. In addition, mining operations in Liberia are often very remote and difficult to visit. To improve the situation, the EPA requested the GIZ Regional Resource Governance (ReGo) Programme to support a “Capacity Needs Assessment of EPA in Mining Sector Regulation” with the overall objective to support the EPA in understanding and planning the reasonable distribution of responsibilities and the improvement of regulation, environmental monitoring and enforcement of mining activities in Liberia.

The main goal of the present study is to review:

  • the current EPA’s institutional arrangements and mandate;
  • the financial, logistical, technical and personnel constraints that hamper the Agency’s efficiency; and
  • the available mechanisms to enforce relevant legislation.


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