Mining Sector Development Programme, Phase I: Policy Review and Scoping

EBRD, 2020 - 2022

Projekt-Consult supported the Government of Uzbekistan in developing a responsible policy framework and modernising the legislative and regulatory structure of the mining sector. Mining is one of the Uzbekistan’s most important and strategic industries. The country is one of the world’s largest producers of gold and uranium and it also produces significant amounts of other important minerals such as copper, silver, coal, phosphate, molybdenum, potassium, tungsten, lead, and zinc. Uzbekistan has a highly prospective geology, and the opportunities for further mines being discovered are considerable.

The minerals sector is, however, firmly state dominated, the technology and approaches used are becoming outdated, and there exist comparatively limited opportunities for international investments in mining. For these reasons, the Government of Uzbekistan wishes to reform its mining sector and agreed together with EBRD to seek conceptual, technical and practical support for authorities in the development, consultation and adoption of a contemporary policy framework.

In a first step, an expert team consulted stakeholders and reviewed the existing policies, strategies, laws, regulations, practices and other documents connected to the mining sector currently in existence in Uzbekistan. Secondly, the team identified and reported upon international best practice for developing the sector through incentivising private investment in exploration and production activities. This review covered all relevant aspects of best practice for the sector including, but not limited to, legal, regulatory, fiscal, institutional, environmental, investment, labour, health and safety and technical aspects.

An assessment of the information revealed deficiencies, overlaps and uncertainties in the current legal and regulatory framework that were discussed with different governmental entities. Based on this, the expert team developed a comprehensive mining policy concept document with a corresponding implementation plan for the next years.


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