Auditing of ASM operations based on the Certified Trading Chain standard in DR Congo

DR Congo
Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), 2014 - 2021 (intermittently)

From 2010 onwards, supply chain experts of Projekt-Consult supported the German Geological Survey (BGR) with the development of a new certification scheme for 3TG:
the Certified Trading Chains (CTC). After piloting and improving the new standard in Rwanda and DRC, CTC became DRC’s national certification for ‘conflict minerals’.

Since then, Projekt-Consult conducted more than 30 independent third- party audits, focusing on key issues related to traceability, legality and responsibility, social and labour standards, occupational health and safety, community relations, and environmental management and closure planning.

During the audit process, key stakeholders were assessed, policies and strategies documented, contracts reviewed, and conclusions were validated through interviews at the mine site and with representatives of civil society, the community and local government. The process included the development of a set of recommendations for companies to comply with the standards and monitoring measures described for the Government of Congo, the BGR support project and companies.

In order to achieve sustainability and increased ownership of the Congolese institutions, Projekt-Consult is currently training Congolese auditors and supports them both remotely and in the field.


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