planetGOLD Bolivia

United Nations Industrial Development Organization - UNIDO, 2022 - 2027

This project is part of the global Global Environment Facility - GEF planetGOLD programme. The Bolivian planetGOLD project is part of the second phase of the planetGOLD programme. The executing agency is Projekt-Consult GmbH which in turn leads a group of Bolivian partners which includes: Fundación Medmin, Fundación Profin, Cumbre del Sajama and the Bolivian branch of the World Conservation Society (WCS).

The fundamental objective of the project is to reduce the use of mercury in the Artisanal and Small-Scale mining (ASGM) sector in Bolivia. This will be achieved through applying a holistic, multisectoral integrated formalization approach, and by increasing access to finance for ASGM miners and stakeholders. This, in turn, should lead to the adoption of sustainable mercury-free technologies and the creation of responsible, and traceable gold supply chains.

The project has four main components, (i) Enhancing formalization in the ASGM sector; (ii) Access to Finance through better financial inclusion of the AGSM sector, and development of responsible supply chains; (iii) Enhancing uptake of mercury- free technologies; (iv) Knowledge sharing, communication, and local capacity building support; and (v) Monitoring and Evaluation.

The most important indicators include: reduction in mercury use/contamination (kg); number of stakeholders reached/included in project activities; land areas under improved management (km2); and the number of policy documents and proposals produced and accepted/implemented.


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